When I was nineteen years old, I was attending college as student of English. My focus, and my desire, was to write fiction.

One morning as I woke and went about my daily routine getting ready for school, I was working on a story. While I remained aware of my surroundings, my mind, its focus, was upon the story its self. As my mind was telling this story in words, the events of this story were playing themselves out at the same time upon the screen of my imagination as if I were watching a film. It was not a…


You have been here before. . .

It is not a physical location, but a place of the mind, and one to which you often return in your dreams.

Although it is always different, appearing to you in a myriad of variations based upon a complex, interrelated and ever evolving matrix of associations, understandings and emotions, the underlying fractal patterning remains the same.

It exists in the roar of the surf far below as the waters roll inland, breaking upon the rocks and rushing up the beach-heads before receding from the land once more with a soft and gentle…

original image provided by Drew Beamer through Unsplash.com

original image provided by satya deep through Unsplash.com, and altered for effect by Michael Camarata

original image provided by ruedi häberli through Unsplash.com, and altered for effect by Michael Camarata

I do not believe that there is anyone who would disagree with the statement (and this includes the business owners and operators who employ them) that the amount of money that food service workers are paid is not enough for what they do. When it comes to how this issue should be addressed, however, different people hold different views, and each of them feel that their way is the morally right and the morally responsible way to behave. …


Writer and Creative.

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